2022 Integrations and Promotions

In 2022 FOXD Network will finalize development of our own innovative media delivery and distribution solution. FOXD Network will be attending the 2022 Collision Conference in Toronto, Canada to demo our technology!

Utilizing our unique media delivery, FOXD Network will release it’s own branded TV app with all of the licensed channels we have acquired. This will have TV Guide solution and host many live channels, events and VOD videos.

When it comes to content acquisition, FOXD Network has turned it’s attention to helping channels, leagues, individuals and creators bring their live or prerecorded events to TV! Our partnerships we have formed will help us grow the following for every entity that we broadcast content on behalf of.

The focus for 2022 is live events, sports, interviews and introducing new channels and events to the TV audience.

Also in 2022 we will open our Partner Business Promotion Packages to the public! Any one can now promote themselves, their business, campaign or an upcoming event via commercial ads played across all tv platforms! See more information here:


NFT Integrations!

We are proud to offer NFT’s and our own NFT Marketplace for our community and for all of our partners. We will mint, list, sell and send Foxdcoin NFT’s for our partners! Our NFT Marketplace is set to launch in the June 1, 2022! See our NFT Marketplace Demo Site here:

Demo here: NFT Marketplace

We are working to make high quality content for Foxd Streaming Network (our own channel) very soon! This channel will feature content from our best contributors along with auctions, cryptocurrency updates, NFT’s, Gaming and Foxdcoin News & Events!


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