Decentralized Media Network Set to Launch

FOXD Network to begin meeting with Investors

FOXD Network is designed to give content creators full control of their produced content and provide digital proof of rights. This media can then be distributed to any device via web, mobile or even TV.  FOXD Network is bringing media distribution utilizing blockchain to the forefront of the technology industry. 

FOXD Network will be releasing its branded app on TV on all platforms in 2022. The platform will offer content distributed through traditional Content Delivery Network methods as well as FOXD’s media distribution method. The distribution of media utilizing FOXD Network’s method offers benefits such as reduced bandwidth, piracy protection, transparency and a new peer to peer distribution method for content rather than using a traditional CDN.

In 2020, a community project produced a cryptocurrency called Foxdcoin. FoxDcoin is the blockchain associated with integration into the FOXD Network TV app. This empowers content creators to mint media assets as NFTs on the FoxDcoin blockchain. This will enable efficient, worldwide transfers of rights and ownership of those assets. IPFS is a preferred method for backing the media delivery. FOXD Network and Foxdcoin were started as community projects and have been entirely bootstrapped by the team since their conception. 

“Build Your Future by Securing Your Assets on FOXD Today”

Most tokens merely point to an address on the web via a URL. This presents shortcomings with respect to proving what asset is actually represented by the token. There is nothing to prevent the asset returned by the endpoint from changing. FoxD’s integration with IPFS solves this as IPFS points to the contents of a specific asset. It’s addresses are derived from the “signature,” or “hash,” of the content rather than an arbitrary location that is functionally equivalent to a standard website URL. This means that if the content of a token’s asset is changed, the address changes. Token holders thus have indelible proof that their token represents the asset it was originally minted to represent.

The FoxDcoin blockchain is for asset creation, transfer and proof of ownership. Its base currency, FOXD, grants holders rights to issue tokens on the FoxDcoin blockchain, which is based on the UTXO model of Bitcoin protocol.

FOXD Network will scale its technology and platform which can benefit creators and users. As the Network grows it becomes more efficient, providing excellent scalability.


FOXD Team:

Joe Grimm (CEO): 330-353-1375

Heath Douglass (CMO): +1 (940) 782-2636

Steve Burt (Coin Leader):

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