FOXD Network welcomes the official partnership with CXSports!

We have been working closely together with to ensure that our partnership needs are met and that our business strategies work together to create a synergy of great growth! We have been working hard on many things behind the scenes and preparing to get ready for the Collision Conf. That will be coming up. We’ve been attending many meetings and training seminars to get ready for the conference and show what we bring to the business markets.

Our partnership with CXSports will utilize our abilities to monetize with existing partners. We plan to work together for a long time as we become industry super giants in the big picture.

We have been working together and growing so fast that it’s hard to imagine where we will be in 5 months, rather than even 5 years. Strategically as a starting company we’ve kept our expenses in check and the sky is our ceiling!

Our partnership will provide value by showing what both companies are capable from a media standpoint as well as business standpoint.

We look to secure this partnership with growing clientele and establish appropriate business connections and solutions for both parties!

Many months ago we met Lucas while doing interviews getting content for our newly emerging FOXD channel! Since then we have been redeveloping our channel and Lucas has been a great find in the world of business and entrepreneurialism.



Read about it here!

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